Son Lux Unveils New Track, Lost It To Trying

Following on from last year’s collaboration with Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti as s/s/s, Son Lux will release his third full-length album Lanterns on 29 October via Joyful Noise Recordings.

Equal parts producer and composer, Son Lux (aka Ryan Lott) bridges an unusual gap between old-world music discipline and next-level experimentation.

Son Lux

Son Lux promo shot

Pitchfork described the new track Lost It To Trying from Son Lux as: “…a loose rock song of sorts filled with compelling spare parts– synths that scree high like seagulls, a fidgeting horn section and some chattering flutes; a exchange between a dexterous live drummer and some drum programming. The choral singing is reminiscent of Sufjan but the sound– brainy and muscular, propulsive and complicated, mournful and celebratory– is all Lott’s own.”

Meditative but heaving with energy, Son Lux’s Lanterns finds a peculiar congruency between futuristic soul and ancient sentiment. Driving orchestral pop is placed alongside haunting minimalism, often starkly juxtaposing densely layered arrangements with Lott’s intimate voice. However, Son Lux’s style could still prove too experimental for some – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Son Lux’s third full-length album is his first release via Joyful Noise Recordings. Lanterns positions Son Lux at the helm of an impressive ensemble of instrumentalists and singers including Chris Thile (The Punch Brothers), Peter Silberman (The Antlers), DM Stith, Lily & Madeleine, Darren King (Mutemath), Ieva Berberian (Gem Club) and yMusic (Dirty Projectors, Bon Iver).

Son Lux will celebrate the release of Lanterns on 4 November 2013 at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan, NY.


Lanterns will be available to buy from 29 October.

By Kate Dexter

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