Psapp Announce First Single and Album in Four Years

After a four year hiatus, Psapp make a welcome return with the unveiling of their brand new track Everything Belongs To The Sun.



Psapp are a duo known for throwing together a whirlwind of otherworldly even wildlife-like sounds to create music totally out of the ordinary yet still thoroughly enjoyable. New track Everything Belongs To The Sun serves as a perfect example of this with jungle-esque beats and wonderfully catchy harmonies, it shows the pair are returning on top form after their four year gap.

The refrain in Everything Belongs To The Sun was written by lead-singer Galia Durant’s daughter and the rest of the song was built from there. The lyrics, “It doesn’t matter how much you change, I will remember you being this way” set a precedent for the forthcoming new album, a record that explores life, love, inevitable change and shared memories.  Psapp are also pleased to confirm details of their exquisite new album What Makes Us Glow which will be released on 11 November through The state51 Conspiracy. To celebrate the band’s return to music, Everything Belongs To The Sun can be downloaded for free from Amazon.

Since the release of their acclaimed 2008 album, The Camel’s Back, big changes have happened for Psapp. Comprised of feline wilding troubadours Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant, Psapp met 12 years ago in a basement filled with plastic fish, compressors and elderly cushions and have been making music ever since.

PSAPP What Makes Us Glow

PSAPP album artwork for What Makes Us Glow

Now their new album, What Makes Us Glow, is carving out big things for them. It’s a vast hyper colour psychedelic whirl of a record with intricate orchestration, layered vocals and a pioneering spirit. The songs thrum and buzz – they meet the needs of the title and they will make you glow. In preparation for the release, the duo are inviting fans to tweet them using the hashtag #thingsthatmakeyouglow and are asking fans to state what things make them glow.

By Kate Dexter


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