Titanics – Soft Treasure Album Review

Titanics are a New York based synth pop/new wave duo made up of Mark Lombardo (vocals, synthesizers, piano, beats) and Derek Rogers (guitar, graphics). They recently featured in the Metroland’s Best New Talent issue and will be playing Pearlpalooza which is the biggest festival in up-state New York. Titanics will also be featured on the September Mercedes Benz Best New Talent mix tape. On top of all this, they have recently released their electronica bliss of an album, Soft Treasure.

Titanics’ work has been described as ‘music for dreamers and insomniacs alike’. Their music is definitely ideal for switching on a lava lamp and going with the flow on a lazy evening. Titanics’ style is the kind of music played in more exclusive rather sophisticated, small clubs during the early hours of the evening or towards the end of the night. Titanics’ sound could be classed as intelligent chill out.


Titanics Soft Treasure album artwork

Many of the tracks on Soft Treasure are lyric free and those which show off Lombardo’s soft voice have lyrics that enhance the mood but have limited meaning as a separate entity. Tracks like Treasuresoft and Yoota bring episodes of dreamlike states to the listener whereas Cars is more directly engaging. Down on the Bottom, the most lyric-driven track on Soft Treasure, places you drifting serenely in an ocean of soft colours and silvery benign fish. The strongest track has to be Low Frames.

Overall Soft Treasure is a very pleasant experience, only the last track Two Days jolts the records theme somewhat with the sudden appearance of a cheesy soft rock lead guitar. Without this interruption at the end of the record, Soft Treasure contains obvious singles destined for a Made In Chelsea poignant scene play. Titanics have produced an album whose tracks will instantly appear on in-crowd playlists.

Titanics is available to download now from here.

By Kate Dexter


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