Shigeto Releases Video for Detroit Part 1

After recently releasing the album No Better Time Than Now through Ghostly International, Shigeto, aka Zachary Saginaw, has unveiled a mesmerising new video for album track, Detroit Part 1.

Directed by Rafe Scobery-Thal of The Mandus Films collective and in collaboration with animator and special effects editor Anthony Ciannamea, the new video for Detroit Part 1 shows some incredibly trippy visuals for the viewer to explore. Spreading from scenes in a derelict wasteland to bursts of immense liquid-colours, the video leaves a lot to be questioned and a lot to be discovered. A minute in and a trigger is pulled then the pounding hip-hop beat comes in. From there it’s a dream-like journey that you can’t help but get involved in.


Still from Shigeto’s Detroit Part 1 video

Speaking about the video, Shigeto states: “We wanted to make a video for Detroit Part 1 that wasn’t a “Detroit” video if you get me. We didn’t want your run of the mill, driving around in a Ford past the train station, Coney Island, showing all the ruin porn etc.

“We wanted to convey how Detroit Part 1 was about my life in Detroit and the experiences I have had in the time I’ve been here. Rafe and I came up with the idea to bring the audience into a very psychedelic dream of mine, loosely representing what had happened in the last year for me.”

Shigeto recently released his new album No Better Time Than Now. His new album seems very much about the idea of living in the moment. The signs of this idea are all over No Better Time Than Now— from the obvious connotations of the album title, through song titles that seem harbingers of change and immediacy to the music itself. It’s an album that reflects a pivotal year in the life of its creator.

As Zach Saginaw aka Shigeto explains: “2012 was a powerful year for me. I released my second LP; I played nearly 180 shows in 360 days; I made the move back home from Brooklyn, NY to Detroit, MI; a six-year relationship of mine came to an end and I made it 30 years on the planet.”

No Better Time Than Now is out now.


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