Introducing…Little Death Machine

Little Death Machine are Daniel Cross and Clare Tsangari who have been making music as a duo since the start of 2013. Hit Me is their first release and they plan to follow it up with another two singles in the coming months. When performing live they are joined by Jamie Kendall who provides the visuals.

Little Death Machine took their name from the Chapman Brother’s sculpture. Daniel Cross explained about the band’s music and ethos: “It’s very personal but you can still dance to it.

We run our own club night called Stay Ugly. We created it in order to avoid some of London’s more questionable promoters. I suppose our ethos would be a combination of guitar pedals, computer glitches, interesting beats, varied vocals and an atmospheric live show.”

Hit Me is a mash up of electronica, grunge, rock and dance. The vocals lend themselves towards rock and screamo while the beats lend themselves towards dance and electronica (with a rock influence to say the least). If you think of The White Stripes you’re partially there with describing the dynamic of Little Death Machine. However, it’s safe to say that Tsangari is much more talented on the drums than Megan White.

Hit Me is an atmospheric rock/dance number that will get stuck in your head. It’s a great mix of genres with a sound that you would expect from a full band and not just two people.

The video for Hit Me is below.


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