Introducing…The Kate Rogers Band

Kate Rogers is nomadic – musically and personally – and her music soars beautifully as a result. She’s blessed with a genuinely gorgeous voice, a cluster of fabulously diverse, pin-sharp songs and an ability to view the world from a degree or two off-kilter.

Anger Management is her new UK single release and is a huge radio hit in her native Canada already. It’s a single that’s bound to capture as many hearts in the UK with its contrasting icy observations and tender warmth.

The Kate Rogers Band

Kate Rogers from The Kate Rogers Band

Kate and her music are naggingly familiar but somehow refreshing and luxurious at the same time. After a bunch of fruitful musical collaborations, she’s releasing her new album Repeat Repeat – her most impressively innovative album to date.

Produced by Toronto’s Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre, Ohbijou, Snowblink), Repeat Repeat lays bare the vast scope of emotions Kate has grown so adept at exposing to her audience. Kate’s music sounds typically American in some ways but in other ways it’s a sound all of its own. Her voice is angelic and innocent however her lyrics always dig a little deeper under the surface. Her music isn’t far off 60s and 70s folk even with a little Fleetwood Mac influence being heard in places, especially on the vocals.

Born in the middle of nowhere in Canada, Kate somewhat unexpectedly discovered success in the UK after lending her voice to Mark Rae’s Manchester-based Rae and Christian project and was signed to the prestigious Grand Central label.

The Kate Rogers band consists of Kate Rogers, Robbie Grunwald, Devon Henderson, Josh Van Tassel, Alex Dodd, Joel Schwartz, and Julia Hambleton.

Kate and her band will be touring the UK in July. You can catch them live on the following dates:

Thursday July 25 MANCHESTER – Night & Day (w/ Straw Bear)
Friday July 26 LIVERPOOL – Zanzibar (w/ Straw Bear)
Saturday July 27 NEWCASTLE – The Cluny
Sunday July 28 LONDON – The Dublin Castle (w/ Straw Bear)

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