Monks of Mellonwah To Release New Album, Turn The People, In Three Parts

Australian indie quartet Monks of Mellonwah are releasing their new album Turn The People in three parts with Ghost Stories being the first volume.

Having been compared to the likes of Incubus, Muse and The Black Keys, Monks of Mellonwah are definitely a band to watch. While the vocals by Vikram Kaushik are very similar to that of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd, Monks of Mellonwah do have their own unique musical style that cannot be compared. And as ever, this unique sound is as present on Ghost Stories as on previous releases Neurogenesis and Sky and the Dark Night.

Monks of Mellonwah

Monks of Mellonwah

The first volume of Turn The People consists of three songs; Ghost Stories, Vanity and Sailing Stones. From the first note on the guitar of Ghost Stories, you can instantly recognise the record as belonging to the Monks of Mellonwah. Kaushik’s vocals sound more mature on this album, they sound different from his vocals on Neurogenesis, for example. His vocals seem cleaner in a way. The chorus, “Turning and burning/The apple falls so far from the tree…” is incredibly catchy and will have you singing along in no time.

Vanity sounds quite different from their previous material. It’s more upbeat than the other songs on their previous records. Vanity feels like a mix between Fall Out Boy and Maroon 5 which is surprisingly brilliant – definitely the best song of the three. Vanity has elements of the sounds heard on Maroon 5’s, Songs About Jane. The guitar riff in the chorus screams Maroon 5 while the drum beat and guitar riff towards the end lends itself towards Fall Out Boy as do the vocals throughout. It has that refreshing feel which will instantly have you tapping your feet to the beat.

Sailing Stones brings the record back to the familiar sound of the Monks of Mellonwah. Sailing Stones really allows Kaushik to show off his vocal talents as the music is sparse during parts of the song which gives his voice the space needed to show it off. There’s an awesome Indian inspired guitar solo accompanied by dramatic strings towards the end of the song – every listener should hang on just to hear it.

The Monks of Mellonwah signed to A&R Worldwide as well as winning Best International Rock Band at the LA Music Awards and AIM Music Awards in 2012. They were also chosen to play at Singapore’s Music Matters Festival in May. They’re currently on a national tour and will embark on their second US tour this Fall.

Australian Tour Dates (Queensland and other dates will be announced shortly. The tour will be 16 stops.):
3 August -The Annandale, Sydney, NSW
14 August – Yours & Owls – Woolongong, NSW
15 August – The Australian Brewery, Rouse Hill, NSW


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