Liquid Casing A Separate Divide – Album Review

Liquid Casing is a partnership between four musicians (Alvaro Rodriguez (guitars/lead cocals), Okikiolu Olufokunbi (saxophone/keys), Jim Stettner (bass/vocals), John Pitale (drums/percussion) from Houston, Texas. Inspired by the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Cursive, Mogwai, Russian Circles and The Mars Volta, Liquid Casing has developed its own sound focused on dynamics, the ebb and flow of song structure and vibrant rhythm.

Liquid Casing A Separate Divide

Liquid Casing album artwork for A Separate Divide

Liquid Casing’s new album, A Separate Divide, explores the politics of division and seeks to expose our lack of unity and its consequences. Composed of nine tracks that sonically weave in and out of each other, a broad picture is painted of Man’s exploitative use of arbitrary divides. While the concepts and lyrics strive to confront the intellect, the music goes straight for the gut. The band are currently booking 2013 tour dates to support the release.

A Separate Divide is a blend of experimental, progressive rock and jazz. Track one, A Path of Footprints Forged In The Midnight Sun, is a powerful rock number with some of the guitar riffs sounding similar to Rage Against The Machine’s sound while other tracks like Alambrista introduce the jazz influences. Both of these tracks set the listener up for the rest of the record.

There are some outstanding saxophone compositions on this record that echo the talent of Cuong Vu’s trumpet playing. In general, Liquid Casing’s sound isn’t far off of Cuong Vu’s sound heard on his album, Vu-Tet. Alambrista is one of these tracks where this comparison can be heard very clearly, especially towards the middle of the track.

Every track on A Separate Divide is a pleasant fusion of rock and jazz that creates a juxtaposing sense of relaxation and tranquillity in the listener. It’s the sort of music that you can become completely immersed in, you can lose yourself in it leading to that feeling of relaxation regardless of the harder elements of rock seeping through. Despite the hard political message behind the songs, A Separate Divide is a thoroughly uplifting album in terms of experimental rock and jazz. It’s refreshing to hear. Liquid Casing could be up with some of the modern day experimental jazz greats such as Cuong Vu and Fringe Magnetic. They are a band that would suit the Cheltenham Jazz Festival just fine.
A Separate Divide is out now.

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