Dear Reader Releases Video for Latest Track, Took Them Away

Dear Reader returns with another powerful new video from her latest album Rivonia, out now through City Slang.

Directed by multi-award winning Rob Savage, the new clip illustrates Took Them Away, one of the most heartbreaking tracks from this startling journey through a childhood spent in apartheid South Africa.

Dear Reader

Dear Reader

Speaking about the footage, Savage states: “The video tells the story of a young girl who misinterprets something she sees and inadvertently causes tragedy to ensue. We wanted the visuals to have a theatrical quality, taking place in a black void representing her view of the events, almost as though the action was taking place on an empty stage.”

Took Them Away starts with a solemn piano piece and beautiful lyrics that build a narrative. It tells the story of a girl who is confused by everything that is happening around her, she can’t make sense of it all. She visits her friends house to find white woman and black man kissing in a barn, “Nicholas invited me to visit at the farm/We were playing in the yard I saw them in the barn/White and black together sat/I just stood and stared”. She then has tea served to her at this family’s home by the man she saw in the barn, “David in his overalls came in to serve the tea/I had seem him in the barn something wasn’t right/As I told my father late that night.”  The song tells the story of the apartheid through a little girl’s eyes which makes it an emotional and touching song.

Took Them Away is taken from Dear Reader’s latest album, Rivonia, which is available to buy now.

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