Introducing…The Minx

The Minx are a four piece band from Manchester comprising of Chris Haddon (vocals/guitar), Paul Robinson (guitar/vocals), Steven Stuttard (bass), Kieran McIntyre (keys/vocals) and Andy Evans (drums).

The Minx write smart, lean, gleeful songs about ordinary life – think of the look, feel and sound of The Buzzcocks and The Undertones and you’re close.

The Minx

The Minx

There are no pretentions or haircuts in The Minx – just a clutch of great three-minute pop songs and a handy knack for getting their audience going. And it’s for a good reason The Minx don’t sound like the Mancunian bands you’d expect but have still connected with the youth in the manner you’d hope.

Word of mouth has spread the news about The Minx’s gigs quickly around town, their young acolytes packing shows to the rafters. And kids have found kindred spirits in The Minx. They’re lads you’d like to meet in the pub: smart, sharp-dressed, unpretentious and fun but with the brilliant pop tunes, snappy lyrics and infectious enthusiasm that have filled dance-floors citywide.

Echoes of fellow Mancunians The Buzzcocks and pop-punk pioneers The Undertones shoot through their short and sweet paeans to the joys of real life.

Chris Haddon, singer and guitarist, says that there’s no huge secret to The Minx’s successful recipe of pop-noise: “We’re just five best mates from Wythenshawe interested in all cultures and everyday life – we all love Punk, Reggae, Soul, New Wave and Pop, and it all comes out in the music we make. It’s Frank Sinatra meets Joe Strummer with a good backbeat”.

You can listen to their single Forest Bank here or watch the video for the track below.

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