The Melodic On My Way EP Review

The Melodic are set to release their debut EP titled On My Way on June 24 through Anti-. The Melodic offer a vibrant new brand of afro-folk-pop that, while inspired by 1960s folk, incorporates an assortment of global influences. Instruments such as the Charango, Melodica and Kora create an intricate and rich texture that defies immediate categorisation. The four-track EP encapsulates their idiosyncratic sound, exploring notions of escapism, friendship and musical heritage.

About the EP, the band say: “We are simply thrilled to be releasing our debut EP as The Melodic with Anti-. It has been a labour of love recording and producing it ourselves at our homebuilt studio over the past few months and we’ve created something we are really proud of so we’re excited to be able to let people in on what we’ve been up to. Featuring two brand new tracks and two old favourites that have been a mainstay of our live set for a while, we hope it will whet people’s appetite for more to come.”

The Melodic On My Way

Artwork for The Melodic’s debut EP, On My Way

The Melodic’s EP On My Way is a wonderful blend of soothing melodies, folk music and indie vocals. The vocals can be compared to The Kooks where Luke Pritchard’s voice rises and falls to suit the music. He has that tinge to his vocals where he doesn’t pronounce words properly, his accent seeps through and similarly, The Melodic use this technique. The vocals are really pleasant throughout the EP; they’re simple, tuneful and interesting. In fact, the whole EP is pleasant and uplifting, listening to it makes it feel like summer even if it’s raining outside.

Musically, On My Way is true folk. So many different instruments are used to create an incredibly solid folk sound. Unlike the folk that you hear from the likes of Mumford & Sons, The Melodic have really fine tuned their sound to be as traditional as possible in today’s popular music industry. Track one On My Way and track two Hold On show this. However, the next two tracks Roots and When I Feel Free see the band experiment more with world music influences. When I Feel Free starts with pan pipes with the acoustic guitar being introduced gently. This song has so many intriguing elements to it that it starts to sound like a reggae-come-folk-come-world track. To summarise, it’s brilliant. It’s great that this track is kept hidden at the end of the EP, it’s a real treat and leaves you begging to hear more from this folk band. This is definitely a band to watch in 2013.

The Melodic’s debut EP On My Way will be released digitally only on June 24 through Anti-. The band have also announced a headline show at The Lexington on June 25 to launch the EP.

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