The Melodic Announce News of their Debut EP

The Melodic announce the release of their debut EP On My Way via Anti- on June 24. The four-track EP will be released digitally only.

The Melodic On My Way

Artwork for The Melodic’s debut EP, On My Way

The Melodic offer a vibrant new brand of afro-folk-pop that, while inspired by ’60s folk, incorporates an assortment of global influences. Instruments such as the Charango, Melodica and Kora create an intricate and rich texture that defies immediate categorisation. The four-track EP encapsulates their idiosyncratic sound, exploring notions of escapism, friendship and musical heritage.

About the EP, the band say: “We are simply thrilled to be releasing our debut EP as The Melodic with Anti-. It has been a labour of love recording and producing it ourselves at our homebuilt studio over the past few months and we’ve created something we are really proud of so we’re excited to be able to let people in on what we’ve been up to. Featuring two brand new tracks and two old favourites that have been a mainstay of our live set for a while, we hope it will whet people’s appetite for more to come.”

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