Field Report Give Away New Track, Evergreen, for Free

Field Report is the creation of Chris Porterfield who cut his musical teeth with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and the members of Megafaun in the now-legendary band DeYarmond Edison.

Field Report

Chris Porterfield of Field Report

After their band broke up in 2006, Justin Vernon went on to create Bon Iver and the rest of DeYarmond Edison sought fame and fortune as Megafaun within the music business while Chris hung back in Wisconsin to start a new chapter in his relationship with music. Chris Porterfield took pen to paper for the first time and started writing his own songs. It took him five years to perfect these songs to make Field Report’s debut album which is set for release on May 27 through Partisan Records.

Now Field Report are giving away their new track Evergreen for free. You can download it here. Evergreen is an emotional track, left raw and open, what is not there creating as much drama as what actually is. The ending lyrics, “You and me we are not evergreen/You and me we, we’re not built to be…” is sung with such passion and emotion that it is hard not to be affected by this song. Porterfield’s voice is almost at breaking point. The unnerving, free and wandering tones in the background mingled with the intensity of the lyrics and the absence of imposing musical accompaniment creates an unbelievably emotive atmosphere. Porterfield has a unique knack at writing songs that pull at the heart strings while also being wholly inspirational.

Field Report is: Christopher Porterfield (Guitar, Vocals), Ben Lester (Pedal Steel), Damian Strigens (Drums), Jeff Mitchell (Guitar), Nick Berg (Piano, Keyboards, Synths), Travis Whitty (Bass).

Field Report’s debut album is out on May 27 through Partisan Records.


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