Emily Wells Releases Video for New Single Passenger

After appearing alongside Clint Mansell and Philip Glass on the soundtrack for Park Chan-Wook’s recent psychological thriller Stoker with her track Becomes the Colour, Emily Wells prepares to release her debut UK album and single.

Emily Wells

Emily Wells

Her album Mama is out on June 3 via Partisan. It combines subtle hip-hop inflections and wide-ranging sounds with Emily’s distinctive feline vocals, creating a record that is simultaneously light and delicate with a bold punch of personality. Contrasting with the heavy layering and electronics of the original album, the UK version of Mama sees Wells re-imagining the entire record acoustically for a second disc and mirror version.

Wells’ new single Passenger will be released on April 29. The video is artistic and cinematic in its approach. It consists of images being shown in quick succession, using a similar style to that found in Japanese horror films. It produces an unnerving feeling in the viewer; it shows images we do not have long enough to comprehend. It takes the viewer out of their comfort zone and places them full force into an artistic creation.

The debut album Mama was recorded in a cabin on a horse ranch in Tapanga Canyon last year. Most of the instruments featured on Mama were recorded and produced by Wells. With Wells’ background being classical (she is a trained classical violinist), you wouldn’t expect her to play the drums and keyboards in the style she does or produce the music she does.

Mama is out on June 3 through Partisan. Live dates are to be announced soon.


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