New Tunng Track Premieres Online

Tunng managed to sell out two London headline shows in a matter of days and now they’ve returned with the news that they will be releasing their fifth studio album Turbines on June 17 through Full Time Hobby.

With the band now scattered between England and Iceland, there’s a powerful and surprising togetherness to Tunng’s new album which founding member Mike Lindsay claims is all thanks to its subject matter: an imagined fantasy village. He explains: “It’s a fantasy of a place with its own characters where we don’t necessarily fit in, where we observe the others and their strange behaviour.”

Tunng Turbines

Artwork for Tunng’s upcoming album, Turbines

Between the vintage synths, sci-fi noises and finger-picked pleasant guitar melodies is where these characters come to life. This is especially true in the first track to be released from the album online, So Far From Here. So Far From Here is a lovely, acoustic and soft number with soothing vocals and wonderful melodies. It’s a great alternative track with folk influences seeping in. Tunng definitely do have a unique sound.

Across their decade together, Tunng have honed their pastoral pop to perfection, winning over audiences and critics one rustic twang of guitar, icy electronic echo and sumptuous whisper of vocals at a time to become one of Britain’s most championed underground forces – fitting for an act who began literally underground, in the basement of a Soho women’s clothing boutique some ten years ago.

Tunng will play songs from Turbines and their impressive back catalogue at two intimate (and already sold out) shows at The Lexington on 8 and 9 July.


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