CocoRosie Unveil Album Track, After the Afterlife

CocoRosie, the sisters Sierra and Bianca Casady, follow the haunting track Gravedigress released a couple of months ago with a second cut from their upcoming album, Tales of a GrassWidow.

After the Afterlife is the second song to be revealed from CocoRosie’s new album. After the Afterlife is quite different from Gravedigress. Gravedigress was particularly dark and haunting whereas, on the first listen, After the Afterlife feels more upbeat and lifting in comparison. Without the lyrics, the music in After the Afterlife would not lend the listener to believe this song had any dark or mystical meaning.



The vocals in After the Afterlife are what gives the song its solemn and more haunting feel. They are just as disturbing and unusual as ever before especially during the chorus where “Welcome to the afterlife” is sung with prolonged yet distant notes. CocoRosie are fantastic at producing atmospheric songs with intriguing narratives behind them. This is what Tales of a Grass Widow is all about and both Gravedigress and After the Afterlife invite the listener into their world. ‘Grass widow’ itself is an archaic term meaning an abandoned mistress and sets the scene for an album full of unsettling turmoil and contrasting stark beauty.

Tales Of A Grass Widow is the fifth album from the cross-disciplinary performance artists, now signed to City Slang for European release on May 27.

Tales of a Grass Widow features 11 tracks and was produced in association with Valgeir Sigurðsson. Later this year Bianca Casady launches ‘Girls Against God’ – an arts and letters print publication.  Linked to this project, Bianca and Sierra Casady have founded the Future Feminists with Antony Hegarty and performance artists Kembra Pfahler and Johanna Constantine.  The group’s platform is to “free society and protect the planet from the corrosive effects of patriarchal belief systems”.

The songs in Tales of a Grass Widow touch on CocoRosie’s personal response to the group’s feminist mission. Tales of a Grass Widow is out on May 27 across Europe.

CocoRosie are also set to play Latitude Festival on July 21. There are more UK dates to be announced soon.


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