Dan Coyle to Release New EP The Undertow

International recording artist Dan Coyle is set to release his six-song EP, The Undertow on May 7.

Dan’s interest in writing his own music stems from the day a girlfriend gave him his first guitar in 2001. Dan found a new way to talk about things. He’d found his way of expression. He started to learn all the ways the Beatles talk about their things. He also started to learn all the ways Paul Simon and Bob Dylan talk about their things…

Now twelve years down the line, Dan Coyle is due to release his sixth major album, The Undertow. However, this six-song EP is not your usual release. This EP consists of three songs performed solo acoustically and then performed with a full band with artists from Italy, the UK and the USA.  Each song can be heard stripped back and then brought to life. You can listen to the three acoustic tracks on Dan Coyle’s Soundcloud page.

Dan Coyle

International artist Dan Coyle

In 2007, Dan Coyle recorded his debut album in his apartment on Briar Street in Chicago. It’s called Briar St. Sessions and was followed up two years later on with Random Thoughts and Incomplete Sentences. For the rest of 2009, Coyle gave up on regular jobs and toured the country. He fell in love with the vagabond life and found himself on Bleecker Street in New York City in the December of 2009. Coyle thought to himself that this was a good place to write a new album.

In the spring of 2010, Coyle set out again in a white van that he named Betty. Betty died a sad death so Coyle returned to New York to record his third album which was titled You Linger Your Little Hour and Are Gone. This album was released in December 2010. This is also the point where Coyle recommenced touring although this time he went further afield and headed to Europe.

February 2011 saw Dan playing shows throughout Europe. In October 2011 after eight months of touring Europe, Coyle released his new album From Prague to Paris. Then in February 2012 (one year after commending his incredibly successful European tour), Coyle decided to hit the road again for a 30 plus city US tour.

August 2012 saw Coyle sign a book deal to tell the story of his life in music. The book is scheduled for release in September 2013, four months after the release of his newest album, The Undertow. In November last year, Dan released his fifth album which received great critical acclaim from writers and critics alike.

Dan Coyle’s sixth album The Undertow will be officially released on May 7.

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