Moon Duo – Ich Werde Sehen

Moon Duo are happy to announce the German translation of their single, I Can See. Ich Werde Sehen is available now through Souterrain Transmissions and can be bought from iTunes.

Moon Duo are Sanae Yamada and Ripley Johnson. In 2012 they released the follow up to their album Mazes. Circles has been praised by the likes of BBC, NPR and Pitchfork. Circles came about after the duo spent an isolated winter in the Rocky Mountains near their home in Blue River, Colorado, in the early months of 2012. All the songs were written and preliminary tracks were recorded there. All additional tracks were recorded at Lucky Cat Recordings in San Francisco with Phil Manley.

The inspiration for producing a German translation of their single I Can See came after the band spent some time in Berlin when they recorded some of their previous album Mazes there. Circles was also mixed in Kaiku Studios in Berlin. This all lead to Moon Duo deciding to produce the new German version of I Can See titled Ich Werde Sehen.

Ich Werde Sehen is exactly the same as I Can See apart from obviously it’s sung in German. This alone instantly renews the track and gives you a chance to learn some German as well. Not bad eh?

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