Doldrums – Anomaly

Doldrums, AKA Airick Woodhead, is back with his brand new single Anomaly. After numerous EP releases on independent labels, eagerly devoured remixes for the likes of Peaking Lights, Grimes & Portishead and years developing his craft as a multi-talented musician trying his hand at DJing, producing and performing live, Anomaly precedes the release of 22 year old Woodhead’s debut album, Lesser Evil.

Lesser Evil comes out 25 February through Souterrain Transmissions in Europe (Arbutus in the US) and will be accompanied by a series of European release shows. The record was made between July 2011 & May 2012 through the cracked screen of a borrowed Macbook – a screen which was scanned and fittingly used as the album’s artwork.

Doldrums, Airick Woodhead

Toronto based band, Doldrums

Earlier Doldrums releases were constructed using solid samples of anything from 60s girl groups and Bollywood psychedelia to dial up modems and feedback. However, Lesser Evil is woven together from a more focused pallet of sounds; warped vocals through to analogue electronic gear.

Throughout all of it, the dance jams, the abused samples, the wildly swaying moods and tempos, Lesser Evil is sewn together by the distinctive tones in Woodhead’s voice, ranging from the tender femininity of Sunrise and Holographic Sandcastles, to full-blown, tripped out howling on She is the Wave. His voice can be mistaken on Anomaly for a female voice – just another original aspect to Woodhead’s music. It’s a more chilled out track compared to previous release, She is the Wave (which can be viewed below).

Doldrums is all about the use of electronic noises to make sophisticated,  modern and slightly unusual electro pop. It’s something you will either love or hate, there’s no in between here. Anomaly has a very 80s feel to it and the 80s were again something you either loved or hated. Anomaly, however reminiscent of the sounds in the 80s, does also feel very modern and is another step on from Egypt or Copper Girl. The great thing about Woodhead’s ability to make and produce music is that you can’t guess it’s the same person when you hear his range of tracks. Egypt sounds different from Jump On which again sounds entirely different from She is the Wave or brand new track, Anomaly. There’s no room to get bored.

Catch Doldrums live at the dates below:

20 February – London @ Corsica Studios (NME Awards Show)
21 February – Brighton @ Green Door Store
22 February – Paris @ Fireworks! Festival @ Point Ephémère
23 February – Amsterdam @ Nieuwe Anita

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