Maglia Rosa Group – Nighthawks EP

Maglia Rosa Group produce music that would be hard to come across elsewhere. Maglia Rosa Group consists of brother and sister, Daisy Lawrence (lead vocals, guitar, synth-organ, flute) and Sam Lawrence (guitar/piano/backing vocals) with Owen Cox (drums) and Matt Gadd (bass). Combining chilled rock, slightly thematic music with operatic and classical vocals, this band sure do bring something completely new to the pop music scene.

And now they’ve just released their first EP, Nighthawks. With four splendid and anthemic tracks, Nighthawks really shows off what this band is all about. Daisy’s sweet, angelic and slightly choir like vocals compliment the chilled rock drum beats. The way that Cox plays the cymbals in the four tracks gives their music a really relaxing yet dark feel. It produces a strong and memorable rhythm in each of the songs.

Nighthawks Maglia Rosa Group

Maglia Rosa Group Nighthawks EP cover

First track, Nighthawks, will have you nodding and tapping along while Daisy’s vocals will remind you of Kate Bush. She can hit those high notes which gives the band a slightly unusual sound compared to most rock/pop bands – think of a gentle Evanescence. Nighthawks also has some fantastic flute towards the end, courtesy of Daisy, which leads towards some folk influences.

The three other tracks, Fallen Daughter, Blood Orange and Buckling, are just as interesting as Nighthawks. Maglia Rosa Group seem to be drawing more influences from electronic music with Fallen Daughter lending towards this style from the beginning. Fallen Daughter keeps you interested as the lyrics are hard to hear. Daisy’s vocals are very high in this track making them almost indistinguishable in a good way. It keeps you wanting to hear it more to figure out the story behind the song and with a title like Fallen Daughter, there must be some sort of darkness and sorrow behind it.

Buckling is the softer song of the four starting with a echoing guitar riff and gentle drum beat which gradually introduces those angelic vocals from Daisy again. It’s a great song to end the EP on.

Maglia Rosa Group are mysterious to me, you can’t fully understand what they’re about in one listen. They’re weird and unusual which keeps you wanting to hear more. They are not your typical ‘pop’ band, there’s more to them than that. That’s why Nighthawks is definitely worth more than one listen. You’ll find something new every time you press the play button.

You can check out the video for track, Nighthawks, below:

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