Tall Poppies – All The Rave

Twins Susan and Catherine are the basis of Tall Poppies – a unique femme pop band with pitch perfect harmonies and an ear for memorable melodies.

Originating from Perth, Australia, the twins decided to grace England with their presence landing in London with a bass, a guitar and a broken PC. Having decided to leave Perth in fear that someone they know might see them perform, they flew to London to play gigs in the smokiest pubs, clubs and cafes. Finally, they scored a residency at a pub in Islington. To stop their set from becoming boring, they set themselves the challenge of writing a new song every week. Quite a hard challenge if you ask me.

After a while, Susan returned to Perth leaving Catherine alone in London. However, this didn’t stop the twins, who had been writing songs since they were nine, from writing together. Eventually, Catherine also flew back to Australia where the pair were reunited to find that their younger brother had become a drum extraordinaire. This led them to start jamming as a trio. Tall Poppies was officially formed.

Finally, the trio returned to London after recording their first album, Thursday. Now they are set to release their second album All The Rave and have been touring and recording in the UK, Germany and New York. Tall Poppies are now backed by German drummer  girl Milena and Irish violin maestro Dairmuid.

Tall Poppies

Australian twins, Susan and Catherine, of Tall Poppies

All The Rave is a great combination of easy pop tunes mixed with a few more unusual tracks. Title track, All The Rave, introduces the album with one of the twins singing “Love is just a big joke, honey, get yourself a new bloke” in the most soft and angelic vocals before the rest of the music kicks in, giving it a slightly folk feel. It’s like a funked up gypsy song.

No Reply, Anthony and George and Judy are some of the most intriguing tracks on this album. No Reply has a fantastic guitar riff right at the beginning which sets the song off to a perfect start. Upcoming single, Anthony, is a humorous song written about a gay man who one woman wishes would “swing the other way” so she could marry him. The twins sing some wonderful harmonies in this track which remain subtle and a real treat when you finally catch the ones you missed on the previous listen. The way they pronounce the words, “Anthony you are a dear friend to me/I would like to marry thee…” gives this song a satirical tone regarding the English language. This is what makes the song funny alongside the lyrics. It’s a well written, light-hearted track that will brighten your day, you just need to listen carefully.

George and Judy has a brilliant introductory bass riff before the guitar sweeps in gently to compliment it. George and Judy is probably one of the darker tracks on the record. Vocally, the twins sing slightly softer than in the other songs making it feel as if something seedy is taking place. It has a really catchy rhythm and melody which is bound to leave you humming it hours after you’ve heard it. It reminds me of The Police’s Roxanne in parts with its Latino influenced drum beat during the instrumental parts, especially at the beginning.

Tall Poppies sound like a band who have entered the future from the past. The vocals are pure yet powerful giving them that retro, natural and distinct sound. Some parts of the music feel psychedelic especially in George and Judy making this track sound as if it could easily fit into the 60s and 70s. This isn’t the only track that could easily slot into that era.

Tall Poppies seem to have a knack for blending a number of music genres making their songs more than interesting to listen to. There are influences from pop, folk and psychedelic rock just to name a few. All The Rave isn’t an album that instantly enters your top ten of all time but give it a few listens and you will be more than hooked.

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