Arc & Stones EP Release

Blues rock outfit Arc & Stones is set to release their debut EP in February 2013. Originating from Brooklyn, New York, Arc & Stones has been compared to bands like the Black Keys, Incubus and Kings of Leon so if you’re looking for something refreshing in the blues genre, Arc & Stones might be for you.

Arc & Stones

NY blues band, Arc & Stones

Arc & Stones is officially Dan Pellarin (lead vocals/rhythm guitar and keys) and Ben Cramer (lead guitar and vocals) but they do receive support from Eddy Bayes (bass and vocals) and Joe Doino (drums). With Pellarin and Cramer both only being in their early 20s, they are still eager to build a name for themselves on the NYC circuit as well as the international stage.

Their EP contains five tracks which are all totally different to one another. It is a perfect blend of blues, rock and ballads which is bound to please those of you who are into blues rock. Let Me Down has some extraordinarily passionate and emotional vocals while She’s Mine is probably the best track to perform live with its anthemic nature.

If you like the Black Keys, you’ll love Arc & Stones that’s the simplest way of describing this EP. The video for track one, Silence, is below and will give you an idea of what this band is about.

Arc & Stones debut EP will be released on February 12 2013.

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