Tall Ships – Everything Touching

Tall Ships are back with their outstanding debut album Everything Touching released jointly through Big Scary Monsters and Blood and Biscuits.

Available since October 8, Everything Touching is the first time this band have had a chance to show what they can really do. Everything Touching features the most recent single T=O and forthcoming single, Gallop, as well as re-worked and re-recorded versions of the classic EP tracks, Books and Ode To Ancestors.

Tall Ships

Tall Ships album cover for Everything Touching

Throughout the album, strong Muse influences can be heard especially in the style of guitar in Best Ever. None of the tracks on this album sound similar to one another which is why it’s such a great first listen. Each track is easily distinguishable as its own bit of original creation. There is sometimes nothing worse than an album where all the tracks merge into one long song. It becomes dull but Everything Touching is far from dull.

Phosphorescence is one of the more melodic tracks compared to the beginning two, T=O and Best Ever. It has more of a pop rhythm behind it while still maintaining its rock influences. The drum beat will have you tapping along while the vocals will get you humming in no time. It has a great feel to it and is reasonably upbeat compared to most of the other tracks on the record.

After the few minutes that is the pleasant Phosphorescence, Oscar swaps the album back to anthemic towards the end of the song while forthcoming single, Gallop seems to have its influences in the Editors and Tom Smith’s way of singing. Idolatry however really is a track a step away from the rest. With its 1980s drum beat kick starting the song, it is much more soulful and calming than previous tracks on the record. Chris Martin’s vocals seem to have been a main influence for this song.

Murmurations is the last song on the record and is a fantastic instrumental track that continues to build enthusiasm throughout. Ending with a choir singing is original in its style. Musically, this song is based around electro chill out music but having the choir at the end really helps to pull it all together to make it a substantial song. Murmurations leaves you satisfied.

Everything Touching is an album you should all hear. It’s not too pompous or too bland, it’s just right. Tall Ships have done themselves proud with this debut album.

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