Digital Antique – II

Digital Antique are an indie rock band from Austin, Texas but they are unlike any other indie rock band you will have heard. Progressive in style and tempo, Digital Antique produce cinematic arrangements and wonderful compositions of the most extraordinary kind, completely instrumental.

Digitial Antique are Travis Kennedy (guitar), James Parker Randolph (bass), Payton Holekamp (drums), Dixie Yoder (viola), Joseph Shuffield (violin 1) and Annette Franzen (violin 2, cello).

Digital Antique CD Cover

Digital Antique’s artwork design for II

Their album, II, is due for release on August 24 and is a must hear. With ten outstanding tracks on it, II is one of the best prog rock albums that’s been heard in a long time.

The record starts with a track titled Doomed Hero which is fantastic. It’s a great introductory number with some dialogue expressing opinions about our twisted society and Western culture before it breaks into a patriotic marching drum beat mixed with excellent dramatic violins.

After such a dramatic beginning track, The Heist comes in nice and softly with almost meditation music at the start before it goes back to its rock roots. Other superb tracks are NG, Cali and Nevemind. NG is great from the second it bursts through the speakers. The melody played by the violins is lovely. It has a traditional element in that respect before the rest of the instruments kick start bringing something new and original to it.

Cali is a favourite purely because of the melody again. It’s repetitive and soothing. This is one of the melodies that will be going round and round in your head leaving you wanting more. It’s a fantastic and mind-blowing track.

Nevermind is the most acoustic track on the album which is a welcomed break after all the prog rock. The violin playing is amazingly soft and peaceful. It has very traditional elements in it. These are a group of extremely talented musicians, not only being confident and capable on their instruments but also in the composition of each and every track on II. There isn’t a bad track on there.

II was independently recorded mixed and produced by Travis Kennedy (guitar). Kennedy is currently working under world famous mixing engineer Tim Palmer who mixed such records as Pearl Jam “Ten”. The album was also recorded at several of the top studios in Austin including Churchhouse Studios, Yellow Dog Studios, Studio 1916 and AM Stereophonic. It was mixed at Tim Palmer’s private studio (’62 Studio). All of these credits are probably what make the production of this record also outstanding.

Digital Antique

Digital Antique live

II and Digital Antique themselves are not something to be pushed aside. They are doing something that many other bands wouldn’t even be brave enough to attempt. This group of talented musicians have produced something musically superb in each and every way. II is available from August 24.

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  1. Love the music, and love the album cover. Any idea who did the artwork? Like to get a copy of that larger than the album…..
    Thanks, David in Tully, NY

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