The I.D – A Bigger Picture

The I.D

The I.D

Indie/post punk band from London The I.D are back with their brand new single, A Bigger Picture.

This is the follow-up release to Age Anti Age and has even more to offer than the previous single. With a strong 80s vibe and again those Robert Smith style vocals, this track is as anthemic as it gets. It has great melodies and guitar riffs that everyone is bound to get some pleasure from.

The verse of “You’re on the outside looking in, we hold your dreams because you’re too thin. You tried to make a sound, she’s on your mind. They drag you down, you want to understand because every time you look within…” is fantastic. In the same way as Age Anti Age, A Bigger Picture tells a delicate story which is enough to entice you in.

A Bigger Picture was released Wednesday 20 June on Duchamp Records. You can download it here. If you’re interested in finding out more about The I.D visit their facebook page.

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