Boy Friend – The Lair (Alex DeGroot Remix)

Austin psychedelic duo Boy Friend have just released a free download of their track The Lair which has been remixed by Zola Jesus’ Alex DeGroot.

Boy Friend

Austin duo Boy Friend

The original recording of The Lair is taken from Boy Friend’s debut LP Egyptian Wrinkle which was released earlier this year on Hell, Yes! But now it has seen itself morph into another song. While remaining similar in dynamic to the original version of The Lair, the remix gives it a little something more. Rather than the prolonged introduction that is heard on the original, the remix cuts straight to the chase with the angelic vocals being the first thing heard. It is also slightly faster which gives it more a rhythmic feel.

Boy Friend are best pals Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown who, due to their diverse stylistic approaches, produce some of the most harmonic, peaceful and ambient music around.

The Lair remix can be heard and downloaded from here.


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