Portasound – The Second Renaissance EP

Portasound are releasing their EP titled The Second Renaissance on May 14 after the successful release of first track, Dreadnought, a couple of months back.

The London synth group are also spreading the news that they have just released the video for Messerschmitt, the second track from the EP. Having been directed by the London duo Cochrane and Cochrane, the video brings Messerschmitt to life with a splash of colour.



The Second Renaissance is an EP full of everything you’d expect from this band. With rhythmic melodies, filmic scores and anthemic electro/synth beats, this EP feels brand new to the world of music.

Portasound are influenced by classic novels, folk legends and film narratives which can all be heard clearly in their music. Each song is full of energy, purpose and intrigue. The Second Renaissance tells the story of great cataclysm, the battle between light and dark forces, the creation of a rebellion and the birth of a hero. Quite a ¬†challenge to meet when you’ve only got four tracks to do it in but they sure do do it.

Not only have they produced four great synth songs, each track comes with its own unique image. The conceptual artwork has been done by Robert Evans of Telegramme Studio and tells the story of the songs through images.

The Second Renaissance EP will be available on limited edition handmade cut-cover slipcases from ACDSleeve.

If all this isn’t enough for you, you can catch Portasound playing at London’s Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes on May 25.


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