Two Wounded Birds Announce Debut Album

Rock ‘n’ Roll band Two Wounded Birds are back with their debut album due for release on June 4.

The self-titled debut album will be released through The Drums’ Jacob Graham’s record label, Holiday Recording Friends. To accompany the release of their album, they have numerous shows lined up including a tour with Glasvegas which started last week in London as well as a Tracy Emin Exhibition in their home town of Margate, Kent.

Two Wounded Birds

Two Wounded Birds

Two Wounded Birds have managed to grab the attention of Debbie Harry and Brian Wilson after their single and EP releases. Not only this but they also managed to land themselves gigs playing shows with Grouplove, The Black Lips and The Drums among other festivals.

Jacob Graham (The Drums) describes Two Wounded Birds’ music: “It’s easy to see why these rising stars caught the ears of such legends as Brian Wilson and Debbie Harry. Their songs capture the American spirit with clear allegiances to the Beach Boys, the Ramones and Elvis—all while still acknowledging the band’s British roots. You won’t hear any Elton John-style American accents here; instead Johnny Danger’s sound recalls the velvety tones of Colin Blunstone in his Zombies heyday—a voice with true character.

“In an age in which the shroud of “pop” can describe any poorly constructed jingle that comes along, it’s nice to see the dust settle and discover the genuine article…. Here you will find proof that sincere pop songs are truly timeless.”

Take a listen to three previously recorded songs here.

Two Wounded Birds remaining live tour dates below:

May 5th Live At Leeds

May 6th Camden Crawl Last FM @ Dingwalls.

May 26th Margate The Turner Gallery, Tracey Emin Exhibition opening

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