The Futureheads – Rant

So the a cappella album that everyone has been talking about is nearly here…

The Futureheads decided a little while ago to do something completely out of the blue and extraordinary leading them to release a fully a cappella album in less than a weeks time.

Rant is a record which only uses the four magnificent voices found in The Futureheads and it is definitely not an album to be missed. Not only have they recorded traditional songs a cappella but they’ve also re-worked some of their own songs such as Robots and Meantime in ways you would have never heard them before. The best re-working of a song has to be their a cappella version of Meet Me Halfway, originally by the Black-Eyed Peas, where they actually make it sound like a decent song.

Futureheads Rant

Album artwork for The Futureheads' record

Some other gems on the record include the traditional song The Keeper. The harmonies on this track are spot on, the rhythm is kept perfect and everything just clicks together making it a breath-taking track. It’s the sort of song that can make your skin crawl in a good way. You are bound to be singing the chorus of “Jackie boy (Master) Sing ye well (Very well)/Hey down (Ho down) Derry derry down/Among the leaves so green-o” after the first listen.

The Old Dun Cow is another fantastic track. Being another traditional song, it has a great rather funny story which The Futureheads perform with enough humour and energy. The Futureheads has always been focused around harmonies but hearing them sing without any music at all really shows how good they are at them. They make it look so easy. The traditional songs seem to work better as a cappella especially with all their northern accents shining through.

By the end of the first listen there will be a part of you that will be screaming “Ditch the instruments!” They definitely sound more unique and interesting without all that indie music accompanying their already strong voices and harmonies. Hearing them stripped back gives a fresh approach to their band as well as a cappella music.

Rant will be released on Monday 2 April through Nul Records. Here’s a snippet from the album, The Keeper performed live in a pub:

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