The Futureheads – A Cappella Album?

The Futureheads are back with a brand new album set for release in April but this isn’t the sort of album everyone expected…

Futureheads Rant

Album artwork for upcoming Futureheads record

Set for release on April 2 on their own record label, Nul Records, The Futureheads’ next record will be completely a cappella. But why? Ross Millard explains:

“If we were going to carry on making music, we needed to change it up. Making another Futureheads record as per usual wasn’t something that appealed to us. We’ve always been a four-part harmony group; it’s been a massive part of the genetics of this band.”

Barry Hyde is a little more bullish in his approach to explain why they’ve chosen to do an a cappella album:

“A Futureheads fan who doesn’t get ‘Rant’ is not a Futureheads fan. This version of The Futureheads has always been there. We’re bringing to the fore what we’re really about: a unification, a gang mentality, which is in the balance between our voices and our personalities.

“On Rant we’re pushing that right into your face. We’ve stumbled across tricks as we’ve made Rant which are so powerful and which no one has ever done before. Just because this is an a cappella album doesn’t mean to say that the songs are slow or passive. They’re still in-your-face, slightly mad, aggressive. They’re still The Futureheads.”

Rant will feature a variety of re-arranged Futureheads songs alongside medieval and traditional folk songs. Listen to the a cappella version of Robots here.

The release of the record will be accompanied by a UK tour at the following dates:

3rd: BRISTOL, Colston Hall
4th: LONDON, Union Chapel
5th: LEEDS, Wardrobe
6th: STOCKTON, Georgian Theatre
8th: GATESHEAD, Sage
9th: GLASGOW, Oran Mor
10th: BIRMINGHAM, Glee Club
12th: NOTTINGHAM, Glee Club
13th: MANCHESTER, Royal Northern College of Music

Tickets are on sale now. For more details visit



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