Boy Friend – Egyptian Wrinkle

Boy Friend are best friends Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown. They were once known as the band Sleep ∞ Over but have since developed and changed into their current duo.

Boy Friend

Boy Friend

Combining soft vocals and retro 80s ambience alongside lovesick lyrics and a passion for fantasy, Boy Friend are one of Work It Media’s top tips for 2012.

Now they are set to release their debut album as a duo titled Egyptian Wrinkle. You can listen to the title track here.

Egyptian Wrinkle is a song with a entrancing aura that sweeps you into it. The vocals are so distant that it really is the music that drags you into this song. With its peaceful nature, Egyptian Wrinkle is so easy to listen to. There’s no effort involved, everything just fits together perfectly leaving you with one fantastically relaxing track.

The full album will be available in 2012 so not too long to wait…


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