Wild Adriatic – The Lion EP

From upstate New York, Wild Adriatic are a rock band with attitude. Sounding familiar in style to the likes of some of the biggest rock legends, they are certainly not doing badly.

Wild Adriatic

Wild Adriatic

The four piece have been gigging together in various bands since their teens eventually leading to them making a name for themselves on the East Coast. Turning from an acoustic folk solo outfit, Wild Adriatic has expanded into a full rock band with all the passion and angst that’s needed.

If you like Led Zeppelin, Del Amitri or The Answer then you’ll definitely love Wild Adriatic. When the first song on the EP, Love And Loss, kicks in there’s an instant recognition to their sound. The guitar riffs resemble that of Led Zeppelin while track three, By Now, takes me back to 90s happy rock scene.

Lion In Its Cage is a one of the catchiest songs on the record with soulful guitar riffs in the verses and a memorable chorus sung passionately, “You’re living a lie I want you to stay/I’m gonna make it hard for you to stay away/I feel like a lion inside of its cage/When the time is right I’ll make my big escape”. This is truly one of the greatest rock tracks I’ve heard in a long time. With its strong soul and blues influences, it makes for a great listen with no faults.

The Writer is another fantastic track with choppy, stylistic guitar chords and brilliant vocals by Travis Gray. Gray has a dynamic and fiery voice which carries the song. His ability to go from low to high in Adam Levine (Maroon 5) style just shows how effortless yet breath taking his voice is.

The Lion is an EP that is not to be pushed aside. This band definitely have a knack for producing refreshing rock music. Taking influence from some of the most legendary rock artists around, it’s not hard to see why their music is instantly enjoyable.

The Lion EP is available on ITunes now.



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