Moon Duo – Horror Tour EP

Wooden Shjips’ Ripley Johnson and his partner Sanae Yamada return as the outfit, Moon Duo. But this time, things aren’t quite so normal…

Moon Duo Horror Tour EP

Moon Duo's Horror Tour EP

In time for Halloween, the dynamic duo are releasing their Horror Tour EP which contains spooky, disturbing yet classic rock guitar riffs and solos for those who miss the times of psychedelic music.

This EP reminds me of classic driving tunes without the cheesy vocals. It is purely dedicated to guitar solos and experimental sounds. It’s for hippies, to say the least.

Title track, Horror Tour, kicks things off with its pleasant introduction. However, with it being nearly seven minutes long it does become dull before the real mesmerising solos begin half way through. It is also the only track that’s not solely instrumental.

If you think seven minutes is long, you should listen to Sickener which stretches, amazingly, over ten minutes. The first half becomes tiresome but soon enough the experimental, distorting and eerie sounds come creeping in making it a track well worth a listen – just be open minded.

Moon Duo seem to be aware that long, experimental pieces aren’t everyone’s thing and they’ve chucked in two reasonably short tracks, Causing A Rainbow and Circle of Evocation Pt. 2, to balance it out.

Horror Tour EP is an interesting listen. It’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but it definitely brings the idea of Halloween to life and would be perfect for any of those crazy, spooky parties you might be throwing.

Horror Tour EP will be released on October 31 on Souterrain Transmissions.

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