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The Glow Globes

Folk and jazz are probably the best two music genres and I’ve found a band that combine them in the most perfect way.

Meet The Glow Globes. A folk/jazz band from Bristol who I unexpectedly yet pleasantly got to see perform on Saturday night at The Bocabar.

The Glow Globes

The Glow Globes performing live

This is one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a long while (ignoring their prolonged sound check where they burst into half a song then suddenly stopped, readjusted the sound and walked away frequently).

There’s something so natural and relaxing about their music while at the same time being odd and adventurous. Laura Holmes (double bass) has one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard. She has elements that were once heard in voices like Joni Mitchell.

Being a tad odd, Laura isn’t the type you’d expect to have such an outstanding voice. John Holmes (guitar) also has a great, strong voice which works perfectly with Laura’s harmonies, sounding occasionally like Louis Armstrong with the twists he performs.

Check them out performing my favourite track, Goldfish, at a friend’s BBQ:

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Neon Indian – Fallout

Neon Indian is set to release his new album, Era Extrana, on Oct 10 through Transgressive Records. In the run up to this date, he is giving away a free download of Fallout, the first taster of what’s to come from his second and anticipated record.

Neon Indian

Alan Palomo - Neon Indian

Alan Palomo is Neon Indian who, with his 2009 debut, Psychic Chasms, managed to earn himself a place in the music industry. He assisted in inventing what has come to be known as the musical genre of hynagogic pop, glo-fi and chillwave among other names.

Fallout stays true to this unusual electro sound. Calming and mesmerising, it hooks you in with its simple beats and soft tones. Palomo vocals fit perfectly and compliment all the different sounds. He sounds like he’s from an 80s pop band, similar vocally to The Human League’s Philip Oakey just a bit huskier. Palomo’s voice produces the deeper, huskier tones that are needed to really give this song that spacious, psychedelic feeling.

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Ganglians – Drop The Act



Ganglians are releasing their new album titled Still Living on August 29. Ahead of this release date, they have chosen to give away their next single, Drop The Act, for free a week and more in advance.

Stealing the surfing tunes of the 60s and making it into a modern psychedelic track, Drop The Act is a great summer song perfect for those late summer evening BBQs. Think The Beach Boys meets The Drums and you have their sound spot on.

Listen to and download the track here.


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Blitzen Trapper – Love The Way You Walk Away

Blitzen Trapper

Portland quintet, Blitzen Trapper

With the release of Blitzen Trapper’s new album, American Goldwing, less than a month away, they have decided to give everyone a bit of a sneak preview by releasing Love The Way You Walk Away for free.

Combining their hill-billy country style with American rock ‘n’ roll, Love The Way You Walk Away oozes a true American country blues sound. With relaxing acoustic guitar to kick start things mixed with some slide blues electric guitar, this quintet have produced a song full of nostalgia.

Listen to the track here.

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Swear and Shake – Johnnie

Folk acts used to be scarce but with Mumford and Sons bringing back folk into the main stream, there has begun to be a significant rise in popular folk acts in the last couple of years.

Swear and Shake

Swear and Shake - Extended Play EP cover

Swear and Shake are another which, I’m sure, will gain a large and loyal fan base. Originating from New York, the quartet are still a new band with their first EP, Extended Play, being released in November 2010.

Supporting the likes of folk/country star Alison Krauss and Ray LaMontagne, Swear and Shake are beginning to fit snuggly in the niche market of folk.

With timid yet spine-chilling vocals from Kari Spieler and soft musical tones from the rest of the band, their music is refreshing. Spieler’s vocals at times sound like singing sensation Adele which cannot be a bad thing.

Take a listen for yourself…

Swear and Shake MySpace


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