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Ganglians – Drop The Act



Ganglians are releasing their new album titled Still Living on August 29. Ahead of this release date, they have chosen to give away their next single, Drop The Act, for free a week and more in advance.

Stealing the surfing tunes of the 60s and making it into a modern psychedelic track, Drop The Act is a great summer song perfect for those late summer evening BBQs. Think The Beach Boys meets The Drums and you have their sound spot on.

Listen to and download the track here.


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Blitzen Trapper – Love The Way You Walk Away

Blitzen Trapper

Portland quintet, Blitzen Trapper

With the release of Blitzen Trapper’s new album, American Goldwing, less than a month away, they have decided to give everyone a bit of a sneak preview by releasing Love The Way You Walk Away for free.

Combining their hill-billy country style with American rock ‘n’ roll, Love The Way You Walk Away oozes a true American country blues sound. With relaxing acoustic guitar to kick start things mixed with some slide blues electric guitar, this quintet have produced a song full of nostalgia.

Listen to the track here.

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Swear and Shake – Johnnie

Folk acts used to be scarce but with Mumford and Sons bringing back folk into the main stream, there has begun to be a significant rise in popular folk acts in the last couple of years.

Swear and Shake

Swear and Shake - Extended Play EP cover

Swear and Shake are another which, I’m sure, will gain a large and loyal fan base. Originating from New York, the quartet are still a new band with their first EP, Extended Play, being released in November 2010.

Supporting the likes of folk/country star Alison Krauss and Ray LaMontagne, Swear and Shake are beginning to fit snuggly in the niche market of folk.

With timid yet spine-chilling vocals from Kari Spieler and soft musical tones from the rest of the band, their music is refreshing. Spieler’s vocals at times sound like singing sensation Adele which cannot be a bad thing.

Take a listen for yourself…

Swear and Shake MySpace


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Funeral Suits – Florida

In the build up to their next single titled Health, the Irish trio have just released a video for the album track, Florida.

Funeral Suits’ soon to be announced debut album is set to be ‘pretty special’ according to the PR campaign. If their first single, Colour Fade, is anything to go by though, I’d say I’d agree with that.

The Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits. Copyright:

Following on from Colour Fade, they’ve continued to use unusual and unnerving sound effects to create mystical songs. Florida combines their love of alternative music with Kooks inspired vocals from Brian James making for one hell of cosmic ride.

Starting with a calming and dampening organ, the track finally kicks in with a hard drum beat and scattered guitar. James’ voice does this song huge favours. His awkward tinges on the end of words stick with you and make his voice instantly distinctive.

Florida has more kick and energy to it than Colour Fade which is great to hear allowing the band to show all their flavours for music. You know it’s not all going to be the same.

Funeral Suits’ debut is definitely an album to look out for. If you fancy catching them live anywhere, they’re doing the following shows:

August 10 – Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, London
August 11 – The Hippodrome, London (with Gallops)
August 12 – The Bowery, Sheffield
August 13 – Stanton Calling Festival, Hertfordshire


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Bachelorette – Blanket

Bachelorette is back with a new video for her latest single, Blanket, taken from her self-titled third album. The video sees her face reflected in a kaleidoscope. Directed by Steven Grise, it highlights the song perfectly by resembling her psychedelic influenced music. Take a look….

Bachelorette – Blanket from Souterrain Transmissions on Vimeo.

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Hyde & Beast – Behind the Scenes Video

Just a little video I thought I’d post…Behind the Scenes footage of Hyde & Beast’s newest video and single, Never Come Back.

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Dave Depper – The Ram Project

Dave Depper has worked with many bands within his time in the music industry including The Decemberists, Mirah and Musee Mecanique. However, this time he’s gone solo.

Deciding that he wanted to prove he could complete something, he took on the mammoth task of reproducing Paul McCartney’s entire 1971 Ram album.

When I say ‘solo’, I should really emphasise the word. He recorded the whole album by himself with the aid of a few harmonies from Joan Hiller. He played all the instruments and did all the vocals. Not only this but he also recorded it in 31 days from home.

The Ram Project Dave Depper

The Ram Project

Now, to some people, this might not seem like much but if you think about how the original album was produced, the size of the task becomes clearer. Paul McCartney hired musicians and recorded it in a top of the range studio. Dave Depper, on the other hand, had himself, some instruments and a small room yet the result is hauntingly similar to the original. Tony Lash, who mastered the record, said: “When I had it playing in the background in my house it was, at times, unnervingly like having the original on.” I couldn’t agree more.

Dave Depper has out done himself on this project. Without trying to replace Paul McCartney, he’s managed to make the record his own without distorting the songs or attempting anything too extravagant.

Staying true to the nature of the songs, Depper has reproduced an album of gold. It’s awe-inspiring to think he has achieved something like this, relying purely on his own skills. He never planned on it being released or even thought he’d get so much attention for doing it but it’s a good thing he has.

While he keeps the musical elements of the songs the same, his vocals do vary slightly from the Beatles star’s. Surprisingly, this is probably the only thing that can be used to distinguish between the two albums. The difference is evident in 3 Legs where, if I’m honest, I prefer Depper’s blues vocals.

Some of the best covers are 3 Legs, Back Seat Of My Car and Monkberry Moon Delight where Dave Depper possibly outshines Paul McCartney, vocals-wise.

Taking on a project like this opens the doors to a lot of criticism yet Depper hasn’t interfered with the original, he has only enhanced it by opening it up to a younger generation. He has taken a great record and simply reproduced it. He hasn’t tried anything smart or even tried to out do McCartney. This is something he should be proud of and is something everyone should pick up and take a listen to.

The Ram Project is set for release on August 22 through City Slang.

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