Hyde & Beast – Never Come Back

So the blues inspired duo, Hyde & Beast, have released a new video for their latest (and first official) single, Never Come Back.

Not only this, they’ve announced that their debut album, Slow Down, will be released on August 15 on their own record label, Tail Feather Records.

Hyde & Beast

Hyde & Beast

Never Come Back is, as much as I hate to say it, even better than And The Pictures In The Sky. It has more musical accompaniment to it with the added extra of a trumpet during the chorus.

Once again, Dave Hyde’s vocals are outstanding with him easily sending shivers running down your spine. His lack of try hard to sound good just gives his voice such a relaxing and accessible sound. Usually, he’s found behind a drum kit but I definitely think he should be the one standing tall with a mic in his hand.

Never Come Back shows the more playful side of the band with upbeat music and extremely catchy lyrics. You are guaranteed to be singing the chorus for days, especially with the break and re-introduction of the chorus at the end of the track. Another element that is bound to get you talking about this song.

Hyde & Beast are a duo not to be missed. Who’d have thought that something that was supposed to be a few mates mucking around in a studio would turn into such a well produced, interesting band? Not me but I’m sure glad it did.

Never Come Back is out August 8.

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