Dave Depper – The Ram Project

Portland’s Dave Depper has spent years working and performing with other artists such as Loch Lomond, Norfolk & Western and Giant Blue but he has never completed any of his own recordings.

Finally deciding that it was about time he did, he took on one mammoth task in order to prove to himself that he could complete anything he started.

Dave Depper The Ram Project

The Ram Project cover designed by Dave Depper

In 31 days, in his spare bedroom, he re-recorded Paul McCartney’s 1971 album, Ram, by himself. This saw him play guitar, keyboards, drums as well as recording all vocals with a little help from fellow Portlander, Joan Hiller, who did Linda McCartney’s harmonies.

The Ram Project was then mixed by Beau Raymond (Devendra Banhart, Laura Gibson) and mastered by Tony Lash (Elliott Smith, Death Cab for Cutie).

Too Many People stays utterly true to the original in every way. It’s hard to distinguish between the two versions.

Choosing to do something like this can end up with people saying nothing but negative things. Reproducing something created by one of the best musicians of all time is a very large and scary task and, if it’s not done properly, can lead to a very damaged reputation. However, Dave Depper really doesn’t have a thing to worry about. By keeping the songs sounding like the originals, he can’t be blamed for messing a good thing up. He can only be congratulated by the fact that he managed to recreate one of the most talked about albums single handedly. Even Paul McCartney didn’t manage that…

The Ram Project is to be released on August 22.

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