Hyde & Beast

Remember how terrible the White Stripes were? Well, now there’s a duo who make guitar and drums fit hand in hand while making a powerful, fully rounded song. This band is Hyde & Beast.

Hyde & Beast consists of The Futureheads’ Dave Hyde and ex-Golden Virgins’ drummer Neil Bassett. This duo know how to use guitar and drums to the maximum to make great 1960s inspired blues music.

Hyde and Beast

Neil Bassett and Dave Hyde

Their newest release is called (And The) Pictures In The Sky and gives the feel of American blues driving music. It’s the sort of the song you’d want blasting on the radio on a hot summer day driving along a long, dusty, American outback road.

The two drummers began producing such elegant blues music almost by accident when they experimented with some songs in Bassett’s Sunderland studio where they then decided to start their own record label, Tail Feather Records.

From this, they began to release music of their own with some help from a few friends from the North East music scene. And I think they’ve done a fabulous job.

Hyde & Beast have brought Blues back with something slightly different. Without making the music too depressing (as Blues is often thought of being), they’ve produced a great summer song through simplicity. The guitar is dominant while the drums take a back seat but nothing is too heavy or overbearing. Everything balances nicely.

Hyde’s vocals are relaxing. He’s not stretching any vocal abilities he has in this song, it’s like his vocals are taking a back seat too along with the music. There is something refreshing and really pleasant about this song that just makes it seem perfect. Nothing is too try-hard, everything is chilled out which I think is what makes it a winner.

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