The Black Ships – Kurofune

Former Verve members Nick McCabe and Simon Jones have made a return to the music industry in the form of their new band, The Black Ships.

The Black Ships is an outfit which is totally different from the sound and feel of the Verve. While the Verve produced ground-breaking music for the time, the band could still fit snugly within the ‘pop’ category at various times. However, The Black Ships doesn’t. It’s rock with a huge difference.

The four piece released their Kurofone EP for free two weeks ago. It sees them start out with a vicious rock sound blending in to calming, Pink Floyd-esque stillness before lashing out again into mayhem.

The Black Ships

The Black Ships

Instrumentally, the middle song is very explicit. It combines a range of relaxing yet almost dance inspired techniques. It makes your brain fell empty and sets you near enough into a hypnotic state.

The instrumental spreads across 12-13 minutes in the middle section, vocals completely absent. This may seem like a long time but when you’re listening to it, it’s anything but. It’s captivating and intriguing. It doesn’t become boring as it changes from one extreme to another and back again.

After this long period of solid music, the vocals start again but more in terms of speaking. This breaks the last section up and prevents the song from becoming drab. Accompanying this American accented speech is Rage Against The Machine inspired music with heavy guitar solos, strong echoing drum beats and distorted rhythm guitar. It’s cleverly done and while sounding familiar, they’ve made it their own as well.

This EP is great. As a starting point for the new band, they have successfully interested me and I’m sure many others will be dumbfounded by the layers and combinations shining on this EP. Looking forward to the LP album…

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