The Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club – Bag of Meat

Now The Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club (TVEGC) are a band who are a well kept secret. Since 2009, things have been pretty quiet for them, that is to say until the release of their third album on June 13, titled Bag of Meat.

Bag of Meat sees TVEGC try new things. They’ve written songs filled with angst and energy about all sorts of topics such as heart attacks, beheading, car crashes, John Denver, Paul Daniels, meat, tribes and addictions to accident speculation. Quite a sporadic mix, I’d say.

Now with song topics such as those above, you would be expecting some rather strange song titles and indeed, lyrics, and that is exactly what you get. Here’s a few to tease you; Lost My Face In A Fast Car Race, Fire In The Wife, Card Trick With A Chimp. Need I go on?

The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club


TVEGC are definitely a lot crazier than other bands out there and I mean this in a good way. The album shows independence and confidence in what they do. With solid guitar riffs which make for great anthemic sounds, they have strung together a triumph of an album.

Vocally, both singers are good with strong rock star voices. Neither of them sound like anyone else in particular and this is fantastic. I can’t think of another male or female vocalist they resemble, just brilliant.

The album seems to be split in two. The first five tracks have loud, crashing music and vocals whereas the second half appears to be a lot more chilled out. Songs such as Bag of Meat, In Conversation and Lost My Face In A Fast Car Race have very dominant anthemic guitar riffs and wild vocals and harmonies. However, songs like Pistol Whipped, As Jungle Drums Rang Across The Amazon and John Denver’s Wife have more relaxed melodies, toning it done dramatically on the distorted riffs and heavy drum beats.

TVEGC have produced a fabulous, whacky album with Bag of Meat. The wildness of the lyrics and randomness of song topics makes it one of the most interesting artistic pieces to come out this year. I hope they remain a well kept secret though, it’s what makes them so good in the first place.

P.S. One little tip, do not listen to this album if you have a headache. It is bound to make it worse, what with all the crashing vocals and hard and heavy drum beats…


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