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Barbara Panther

Rwandan born singer, Barbara Panther, is set to release her rather rule-breaking album next week.

Already being compared to the likes of Bjork and Grace Jones, this young star has certainly started to make a name for herself. And it’s easy to see why.

Her self-titled debut album plays host to some unusual sounds. With a voice that combines Bjork’s wildness and Swedish pop sensation Robyn’s tone and pitch, it makes for fantastic listening. On top of this, her strong Rwandan accent can be heard within her singing voice which makes the songs that little bit more powerful and touching.

Although being compared to some of the greatest pop legends, Barbara Panther is a step above. While being similar in some ways, she’s totally different in others. Her album challenges so many styles of music and she’s begun to rewrite the guide book.

One of the best things about this eccentric and rather brave album is that so much of her culture and upbringing can be found in the songs. She’s cleverly combined her love of Mother Earth with tasteful electro beats and synths.

Barbara Panther

Barbara Panther

When the first song, Rise Up pounded through my earphones, I was unsure what to make of it. Her voice was unusual, the mixing of the song was unusual. Nothing seemed to work. But I liked it.

Each song has the ability to place you into a trance. The juxtaposition of her angelic voice mixed with the hypnotic sounds creates music like it’s never been heard before.

With some help from house music maestro, Matthew Herbert, Panther has created some of the most extraordinary music I’ve ever heard.

Some of my favourites include Moonlight People, Voodoo, Dizzy and O’Captain. Voodoo has a strong 80s sound to it which is fantastic. O’Captain captures the essence of this strong, female voice with little musical accompaniment compared to the rest of the album.

Moonlight People (set to be her second release from the album) is plain compared with the rest of the songs on the album but after the cracking beginning track, Rise Up, it’s pleasant to hear. The uniqueness of her voice shines through as the music and drum beats are toned down dramatically from the opener.

The whole album is strange but mesmerising. None of it should work together but magically, everything does. Barbara Panther is definitely someone to look out for. She’s making waves in the music world and rightly so. Look out for her self-titled album which can be found in shops from May 16.


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