Bachelorette – Blanket

Bachelorette is the solo project from Annabel Alpers who’s made a name for herself in bands such as the surf outfit Hawaii 0-Five.

Annabel Alpers from Bachelorette

Annabel Alpers from Bachelorette

Originating from New Zealand, Annabel now lives in the USA where she produces her psychedelic inspired pop music and she’s set to release her third full length CD on May 16th.

Ahead of the release date, I’ve been sent a track of hers to listen to, titled Blanket. Now I don’t typically listen to this sort of psychedelic music but I found something quite peaceful in it.

With smooth synths and gentle vocals, the song makes for good background music. There’s an alienation feel to it, especially with the ah ah’s in the breaks between verses which I think is what makes it feel spacy and relaxing.

I say it makes for good background music because nothing much happens in it. It’s relaxing and peaceful but pretty basic. It doesn’t jump out at you which is a good and bad thing at the same time.

Of course, this is only one song from the 12 track release and as far as sample tracks go, it’s good. The vocals are just right for such a docile song. The synths not overused or overpowering. The mix is perfect and it gets a thumbs up from me.

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