Valentine’s Day – What’s Your Soundtrack?

So the glorious day that is Valentine’s Day was yesterday and all you couples out there were probably having a very special day together. Maybe spoiling each other senseless on a shopping spree, maybe catching a film or if you were really lucky, you headed out to a snazzy restaurant and your other half treated you to a bottle of Champagne.

But I wonder how many of you received one of those awful soppy compilation CDs you see advertised so frequently around this time of year?

None hopefully.

In an attempt to make more money (as if Valentine’s Day isn’t already a complete money farce), record companies and artists choose to release rubbish love albums which I’m guessing are supposed to make your other half feel like the only person in the world. If you love them, you should show them every day not just one day a year and then through an appalling selection of songs.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, everyone likes a good love song but it’s annoying when every TV advert is another addition of the same songs by different artists.

I can’t help but think that maybe these CDs are produced to make single people even more depressed and lonely on Valentine’s Day. I bet you there are singletons out that who buy themselves one and sit home alone and drink wine singing along to the songs (a bit like Bridget Jones). I don’t know what’s worse, being bought one by your partner or buying one for yourself?

Either way, those CDs are my pet hate near Valentine’s. Don’t buy them, your partner will only hate you.


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