This blows me away every time…

Last year I had the pleasure of seeing Naturally 7 perform live. They were only a supporting act but they were the best supporting band I’ve ever seen.

So the reason for this blog is to make people aware of them. I’m guessing the majority of you haven’t heard of them so, for anyone who doesn’t know who they are, Naturally 7 are a vocal play group. They produce their own songs as well as doing covers of old classics, such as Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.

Naturally 7After browsing youtube for videos of them, I found a great clip of them performing on a Paris subway where they burst into a cover of Phil Collin’s Feel It (In The Air Tonight). It’s a fantastic clip of them. They’re giving it their all on this train. First of all, the other people on the tube don’t seem very interested but eventually they take to them, just like I think most of you will.

There’s no denying that they’re a great band. Their harmonies are always spot on and they’re interesting to listen to and watch. It’s mesmerising. Armand Hutton (AKA Hops) is my favourite, he does the bass. For such a skinny guy his voice is extraordinary. When he opens his mouth this extremely deep bass noise comes out.

If you like what you hear, check out some of the other videos I’ve linked below:
Wall of Sound
More Than Words

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