Please Stop Now Britney…

I was driving to Stroud yesterday with Radio 1 on. Sometimes Radio 1 is great, other times the worst music in the world floats through the airwaves.

For example, last night they played Britney’s newest single, Hold It Against Me, which is just atrocious. It sounds like an old 1990s single mingled with Disney’s painful young star, Hannah Montana.

The chorus is the worst part in the song. It really is like she’s taken it from a Steps song (I’m going to guess that you’re getting a good idea of just how bad it is now). She’s also sadly and destructively taken a few hints from Cascada, as a friend rightly suggested, meaning the backing music is just as horrific.

It’s a shame. Britney was loved by everyone at one point but if she produces songs like this, no-one will ever love her again.

For every artist, there’s a time when they should just stop. They should pack in what they’re doing and either retire or do something different. I feel Britney’s past it now and she’ll never be as popular as she once was. Please stop now, Britney.

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