Norman Palm – Easy

Geeky looking Norman Palm from Berlin is due to release his debut album Shore to Shore in the UK at the end of February 2011.

Having released what he calls a “record-book-bundle” called Songs last year which combined his visual and sound art, Norman has finally been picked up by the record company known as City Slang which has allowed him to put together his first proper album.

I’ve been given his single Easy from the new album to listen to. Here’s my verdict…

Easy is not your typical dance electro song. When it starts you’re introduced to a soothing rhythm and melody that lets your head escape into a pleasant trance. Unlike the hardcore electro that’s in the charts, this tune has so much more to offer.

After graduating from two art schools, it’s left Palm with an arty farty mind but he uses it to his best abilities. It’s clear he sees his music as a piece of delicate art.

The repetitive bass drum beat and synth could become irritating but instead it lets the song breath, creating elegance through simplicity. It’s one of the most relaxing things I’ve heard in ages.

Norman’s voice is very closely matched to Brian Molko’s (Placebo) vocals. Even though he’s from Berlin, his voice is Americanised just as Molko’s is. Sometimes this can be an annoying trait but on this track it makes everything that little bit more calming.

Although the song is repetitive, with the melody remaining the same throughout as well as most of the other elements being kept identical, it doesn’t become boring. The tenderness of the vocals along with the simplicity of the music is all that’s needed to make this song great.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Norman Palm click here.

He’s also done covers of Boys Don’t Cry and Girls Wanna Have Fun (click to hear them – excellent stuff).

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