X Factor Final – Cher Lloyd

OK so it’s the X Factor final and Cher has just performed her first song of the night.

I didn’t like her at the start and still don’t particularly like her now but that was good. She’s a true performer. At seventeen years old she has so much confidence oosing from every pour in her body.

The only problem is that she comes across as cocky. Her performances are great. Her attitude and on-stage persona are exactly what they need to be. But what is she like when she’s off stage?

With someone like Cher their confidence can sometimes be taken the wrong way. She knows she’s good and that people like her. But this assurance in herself as a performer seems to seep into her off-stage personality.

If she wins, will the fame go to her head? Is she prone to develop a massive ego that will gradually grate on people?
For the first time, this week X Factor have dug deep to show Cher as a normal teenager. They’ve shown numerous clips of her in her family home and clips of how she dealt with people fighting to catch a glimpse of her. Here she seemed completely normal and down to earth, maybe even overwhelmed. It allowed people to see her in a different light.

But is it a bad thing that she might be too full of herself? I don’t think so. I mean it does get on my nerves but I think it makes her the performer she is. Without that ‘I don’t give a…’ attitude she wouldn’t be the Cher Lloyd everyone has become so fascinated with and she most certainly wouldn’t be in the final tonight. I say good on her.


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