Wheels Are Turning…

Meet the four piece band from London called Wheels. Meet the band members: George Runciman (Vocals/Guitar), Felix Howes (Guitar), Yacob Andersen (Bass) and Stirling Mitchell (Drums).

Now meet their music. Feel About Me is their debut single released fresh today. It combines memorable lyrics with good old-fashioned Britpop guitars.


Four piece band, Wheels

They’ve come along and woken up the dregs that once was Britpop but with a creative twist. With their influences spreading across decades from David Bowie to TV On The Radio their sound does feel new. But it also feels very familiar.

I’m not saying the familiarity factor is a bad thing, it’s comforting. You know what you’re going to get, there’s no big surprises. I like that. The simplicity of the vocals and music show they’re not trying to be anyone else, they’re just being them.

Staying pretty close to the rules of the genre is George Runciman’s very British rockstar voice. His vocals resemble that of Richard Ashcroft with a tinge of his London accent bringing some attitude to this otherwise clean cut band.

The typical guitar riffs capture the tradition of Britpop but the rest of the song produces something a lot more melodic and pop like than other bands in the genre. With a catchy chorus that repeats “You know yourself a whole lot better…already can see how you feel about me, feel about me yeah” this song is more uplifting than expected.

Although edging towards Busted over Blur at times they do chuck in something a little rougher towards the end. The guitars become more akin to rock which helps to turn the song around, taking it away from the comforts of pop to rock, before bringing it back down for the end.

It’s refreshing to think Britpop is gradually fighting for its rightful place in the industry again and these guys tick the boxes. They have the solemn attitude, the simplicity and the musical ability. They give you a great chance to escape from the typical sounds found in the charts today in search of something with a bit more originality.

(If you want to hear more, check out In My Head).


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