The Rhythm of Love

I flicked on Radio 1 to hear a lovely summery song playing. I ignored the rain hitting the window and allowed myself to absorb the summer tune.

It ends. Jo Whiley tells me that it’s the Plain White T’s – Rhythm of Love. I’m surprised. The voice is different, the music more relaxed. The singer’s changed, on this track it’s Tim Lopez (lead guitarist).

I’ve never been a huge fan of this band. Hey there Deliah was great, a real sweet song. But the rest of that album (Every Second Counts) is a bit plain. There was nothing different from the usual generic sounds of an American pop/rock group.

However, Rhythm of Love, due to be released on their fifth album Wonders of the Younger, is different. It’s a bit Noah and the Whale-esque, a bit Jack Johnson like. It’s great! You won’t realise at first that you’re listening to them.

From the first note, I thought “Is this Jason Mraz?” I found myself humming along, feeling good, feeling like it was still hot weather outside and the smell of BBQs were filling the air.

If you need to get away from this cold weather and the hype surrounding Christmas, this song will let you do just that. Put it on and you’ll be whisked away to a beach in Hawaii.

When some bands change their structure and have other people singing, it doesn’t work. For the Plain White T’s it’s done them wonders. Let’s hope the rest of their album, due for release on December 7, is just as uplifting.



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