‘What’s the dealio?’

Whilst driving along the motorway on my way home, Greg James announces on the radio that he’s going to play Pink’s new single ‘Raise Your Glass‘. I automatically think ‘Great!’ and start getting quite excited to see what she’s come up with this time.

Pink - Raise Your Glass

Snapshot of Pink in her new video for Raise Your Glass

As the song bursts through my car speakers, my heart sinks. After such a fantastically written album like ‘Funhouse’, she has produced absolute dribble with this one.

She’s written the song to accompany her many other hits on her ‘Greatest Hits – So Far’ album due for release on November 15. Personally, I don’t think she should have bothered.

Within the first 15 seconds, you hear lyrics like ‘What’s the dealio?’ and later on ‘Don’t be fancy, just get dancey’. It felt like Hannah Montana was singing to me.

‘Funhouse’ ticks all the right boxes. It has catchy, hummable music with meaningful lyrics. At the time, Pink was going through a relationship break-up with husband, Carey Hart, and consequently produced songs that had feeling and a sense of sadness. It was an album everyone could associate with and feel her pain.

Now she’s back with her husband everything’s great and she’s happy but her lyrics are horrendous. Instead of writing about emotions she’s now writing about partying which makes her new single sound like a nonsense nursery rhyme.

Not to despair though! It is done in true Pink style – she’s original and this single is definitely that. It is a fun and memorable tune which will have your feet tapping. I’m sure it will get a lot of thumbs up from other people but for me, it just doesn’t work. I’m nothing but disappointed. What’s the dealio, Pink?

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