The Script – Science and Faith

The Script released their debut self-titled album in August 2008. It flew to the top of the charts as they wowed audiences with their catchy lyrics and cheeky twists on the rock genre. For you fans out there, the two year wait is over. The Script are not a one hit wonder band.

The Irish trio’s second album, Science and Faith, stormed into the top spot within the first week of its release. With it gliding back up into the number one position this week, surely this alternative rock band are doing something right?

The Script Science and Faith

Album artwork for The Script's Science and Faith

With album number two they’ve kept their sound the same. They still feel and sound like The Script should.The guitar riffs and drum beats remind you instantly who you are listening to as does Danny O’Donoghue’s (lead singer) powerful and soulful voice.

Lyrically this album is better. With lyrics such as ‘I have been disgraced been excommunicated from every holy place…’ from You Won’t Feel A Thing to ‘I hear the angels talking talking talking now I’m a dead man walking…’ from Dead Man Walking show the album’s theme through and through.

Taking a step away from relationship breakdown songs, such as Breakeven and The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, they’ve ventured into their roots. This album focuses on the social and economical aspects of life in Ireland and they’ve captured it perfectly.

Some songs are very reminiscent of their debut’s sound and theme such as If You Ever Come Back and Walk Away but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s balanced with those other songs that are completely different like track four titled Science and Faith.

The whole album is catchy, interesting and definitely worth a listen (or two). They’ve kept true to who they are by not radically changing to try and impress. Instead they’ve covered heavy topics in a simple way and it seems to have worked.

(Take a sneak peak The Script – Science and Faith).



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